We Miss You Kids!!!!!!

“I miss all of you so much and am working on getting you back home as soon as possible, Love, Babbo”

“Kids, we love and miss you all so much and hope you are ok and that you will come back home soon. We think of you every day!” The whole family
“Eli, I am waiting for you to come back to visit me again, we had such a great time together. All my friends talk about what a wonderful kid you are and they look forward to taking you around again.
P. S. L b misses you so much…that he and I are reading a
new book by an 11 yr. old boy from Monterey County. Little Bit wants to
jump on your back and wake you up!!!” love from roro and L.B.

“Eli, I miss all the dogs we had last summer … Hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs! The consumption of corn dogs dropped by 30% since you left and I am on a dog fast until you get back home!! Also I made a few bets on the horses for each of us, which we won. I am holding your share of the winnings for you for when you come back. One was a 15 to 1 bet which we won.” Love Grandpa Jim

“El, hey kid …miss our cookies and milk at night, sending you a pat on the head! Sara, shopping is no fun without you. Ezzy, amore miooooooooooo, ti mando tanti bacini!!!
Movie night!!!!!! Who’s turn is it????”
Love you guys, Mag

“Ezzy, we are waiting for you to watch Cars 2”

“Sam, let’s go tree climbing again when you are back”
Love, Papa

“Remember all the awards you guys won at the Ski trip last year!!! I am so proud of you guys.” Babbo

“Sara, I’m watching your leopard for you until you come back home and play with me again.” Your little cousin Zoe

“My cousins,
Where are you? I miss you all”, Zoe

“Kids, we are so happy that you were a part of our wedding and we can go back and look at the photos! We love you and miss you all and can’t wait for all the future celebrations we will have together.” Your Aunt and Uncle

“Sam, this is one of our favorite pictures of you.”
Your Aunt and Uncle

“Sara, Ezzy, Eli
We miss you staying over at our place playing with Zoe and Hobbes”, Your Aunt and Uncle
“Burgers anyone?”

“Eli, It’s almost spring in California and I hope you can visit again to go water sliding and boating with me and Lisa. You can also ride the jet ski with me.” Love, Zio Kev

I’m Babushka Ina who loves you and misses you. I often see you in my dreams and I want you to come back home as soon as possible.
Your home is Italia, and even the Italian sun misses you. I cannot wait until I hug all of you under the Italian sun.
Love you dearly and I’m sure we’ll see each other very soon.
See you soon,
Your Babushka Ina

7 responses to “We Miss You Kids!!!!!!

  1. I miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!! I send you lots of hugs and kisses and hope you come home soon! Ezzy, your Strawberry is growing so much and making lots of fruit, big ones too!!! Eli, I started the garden (it was sad doing it without you) and there are tomatoes already growing!! Sara, I bought another eggplant for you and hope you come back soon to eat some with me! I love you guys so much and miss you A LOT!!!!!!!

  2. Cousin Margie

    Sending all of our love from California, with hopes that the children will promptly be returned to their father’s care. Big hugs to everyone.

  3. Although I do not personally know these children, I do know their father’s fiancé and have heard how much they love and miss these children. I myself being a mom would not been able to handle if my daughter was taken by my ex-husband especially to another country. I know how much my heart breaks for the father and the entire family there in Italy and now also here in the United States. Every day I think of them and in hopes that this 6 months ordeal will have a happy ending. It is not right what the mother did. You hear so many stories about this happening and this must end!! The children are missing their dad and their entire family. I look at their pictures and it is just heartbreaking. I pray that the Italian Gov’t will pursue this and all they can do to bring the children back to their home country.
    To the father, keep the faith, and I will keep praying for you from the State of New York.
    Love to all at this terrible difficult time.
    Catherine in New York, U.S.A

  4. Stay strong!

    Max Troitsky from Pennsylvania, USA

  5. “Condividi la gioia e la vedrai moltiplicarsi, condividi il dolore e presto sparira’.”

    “Share your joy and it will multiply, share your pain and it will soon disappear.”

    Hang in there and keep figthing.

  6. Heartbreaking. Good does conquer all and I am sure you will get these kids back home soon. I am shocked that a woman can do this to her own children. I read the other article that mentioned the mother’s mental illness and will never understand how she was allowed unsupervised visitation with these children.
    Hang in there and keep up the hope and strength.

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