How to Help – Send Message to Elliot, Abducted Child Writer

In our previous post, ‘11 Year Old Writing Book Before Abduction‘, we mentioned how the father of the abducted children is working to have his son’s book published. The reaction has been overwhelming, with thousands reading the post overnight and many writing from around the world asking how they can help.
We’ve been thinking and there is something people can do to help.
1. Read the first chapter of Eli’s book, The Half Elf, and post your thoughts about it to this blog, in the comments section. We will do all we can to have your messages of encouragement delivered to Eli in St. Petersburg, Russia where he is being prevented any contact with relatives and his friends.
2. Forward this link to others to read and comment on his chapter as a way to help draw attention to the plight of Eli and the other children.
The Yeshiva in St Petersburg, Russia, where Elliot and his brothers now reside and are not being allowed contact with their family in Italy and the US and their friends, while his sister is living in another institution that takes in girls. The institutions in which the children have been placed offer a home for orphans and children from underprivileged families.
Background on Elliot’s book project:
At the top of this post is Elliot’s handwritten introduction to his book, explaining how he started his project. (Translation of his handwriting below.)
“I started writing this (version of the) book at the age of 10 and I finished at ____.
About me: my name’s Elliot (Jacopo) McIlwrath. I live in Florence, and my parents are separated. I live with my father in a 3-floor house. I started writing this book when I discovered a friend of mine was, and I thought it was a good idea. I must thank him very much for this idea. [deleted text] I started the Book in the: Month started: March, probably 5th-10th.
Year: 2011
Age: 11″
Eli with his younger brother Ezra, building his tree house the summer before being abducted from their home in Florence.

17 responses to “How to Help – Send Message to Elliot, Abducted Child Writer

  1. Caro Eli,
    un pensiero anche per te, oltre che a Ezi, in questa giornata particolare. Quando potrai leggere i messaggi che lasciamo in questa pagina dedicata a te vedrai che qui a Firenze vi stiamo aspettando e che nessuno vi dimentica. Stiamo contando i giorni che mancano al vostro ritorno qui e alla serena vita in famiglia che avevate prima di questa esperienza così triste ed ingiusta per dei bambini.
    Spero che, anche se sei lontano da casa, ti permettano di scrivere e prendere appunti…ti serviranno di certo per uno dei tuoi prossimi libri!
    A prestisimo (:-*

  2. Ciao Elliot sono Edo sto cercando di mettere delle foto di tutta la nostra classe con te e delle dediche da tutta la classe
    non so se le altre ti sono arrivate…
    Bel libro!
    spero di leggere presto il tuo prossimo capitolo!
    ti ricordi quando facevamo a gara di chi pubblicava il libro prima?
    bhè…forse siamo 1-0 per te!
    Tutti noi di 2E speriamo di rivederti presto!
    tanti saluti, Edo

  3. Dear Eli, I think of you and your brothers and sister every day and I miss you so much. Here in this space I just want to comment on your book project for now. You are so funny and creative that you make me proud to be your aunt (your “formica” as you told me once and you patted my head and told me “nice little ant” which still makes me laugh!).
    You’re a fantastic writer and storyteller and your way with words has always impressed me. Do you remember when you were about 4 years old and we were all in California with Grandpa and Roro and you would talk and talk and talk into the night, telling stories to Grandpa before falling asleep? I just remember from the other room hearing Grandpa tell you every once in awhile, “Ok Eli, it’s time to sleep” and your stories just kept going until late! But I know Grandpa loved it and it was summer vacation anyway!
    I look forward to more late night stories with you at our place and you can keep Zoe up as long as you want, reading and storytelling…if there is no school the next day, that is. 😉
    Your feline friend, Mr. Hobbes, is also hoping to see you soon.
    We love you all and miss you,
    Your aunt, the “formica”.

  4. Dear Eli,
    I just want to let you know how we’re all waiting you come back in Florence. In the meantime I’ve read your book’s first part..I like it so much! I’ve sent all my friends the link where your Dad has published it, and I’ve asked them to run it around their friends. So, when you print your book and all of them will see it on bookshelves, they will recognize it and they would know how it goes on and ends!!! I know that you’re living a complicated period but just your work shows you’re so special, strong and brave! I hope it ends really soon and that all four could come back Florence with us. In the meantime the power of our imagination can win and overcome every physical distance, so we can use it when we feel sad: and you are able to use your fantasy so well, that I do believe you’ll be able to do it for sure! Using the same power I send you a big, big hug!

  5. Elliot-

    You have quite the talent—very, very impressive! Keep it up.

    Please know that a lot of people think about you every day and hope and pray that you get hooked up with your Dad in the very near future. I know he misses you greatly.

    Take care and best of luck in your continued writing.

    Craig Hoover

  6. Hi Eli,

    The first chapter of your book is just great and I could not stop reading it!! Please keep on writing and post the second chapter soon – I want to know what is happening to Ted!! I live in Spain now and would love to share it with my friends here: do you think it will be translated into Spanish anytime soon? They will love it!

    Look forward to the next chapters


  7. Caro Eli,
    in questo momento il tuo papà è ancora una volta a S.Pietroburgo e sta lottando per potervi riunire a se. Sono certa che ci riuscirà perché come dici nel tuo racconto “ the good always win”. Vorrei solo che fosse prima possibile, anzi che ci fosse già riuscito perché vorrei che ritrovaste la serenità e la pace dell’essere, tutti insieme, in famiglia. So che tu sei forte e hai cercato di prendere il suo posto proteggendo i tuoi fratellini. Anche per questo spero che tutto finisca presto e che tu ritrovi, com’è giusto, il tuo spazio di bambino.
    Ho appena letto il primo capitolo del tuo libro…è bellissimo! Non appena sarai tornato e il tuo libro sarà pubblicato ti chiederò di fimarmene una copia…così tra tanti anni, quando magari sarai uno scrittore famoso, io potrò mostrare ai miei amici, con orgoglio, questo tuo primo lavoro 🙂 !
    Un bacio
    Cristina C.

  8. Elisa Warbington

    Eli, I love your story and I would love to know what happens next ! You are really gifted and must keep up with this project ! I look forward to hearing from you with the next chapters and hope you can return home very soon. Courage et a bientot. Elisa

  9. Hello Eli,
    I am not sure whether you know me. I am a friend of your father and a fan of yours from India. I read the first chapter of your book. It is really wonderful and congrats to you, young author. Make good use of the present time to complete the book, so that it could be published when you are back in Florence.
    Good wishes and love and regards from Anil, Betty and Aarati

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  11. Chris and Heather

    Hi Eli,
    I really enjoyed reading your chapter! I think it shows great imagination and I am very impressed with how you have been able to grab the reader’s interest from the start. I’d really like to know how the story unfolds! It is very impressive that someone of your age has been able to work on this so consistently so you should be very proud of yourself. I hope we all get to see you and tell you this in person before too long. We are all thinking of you. Love from Heather, Chris, Sam and Lili

  12. Chris and Heather

    Dear Eli,

    Your book chapter has a great story-line and very good detail. I found the chapter very exciting and adventurous. I’d really like to read the rest of the book so I hope you can finish it. from Sam

  13. I’m hooked after the first chapter, Elliot!
    When can we get your entire book? It will be a huge hit.
    I hope you get back to Florence soon.

  14. Hello Eli,
    Well done… Looking forward for your other chapters.
    – Steven Burda
    King of Prussia, PA, USA

  15. Hi Eli.
    You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. We had breakfast together the morning of your aunt’s wedding. You made me laugh. I can’t wait to read your entire book!
    Don’t ever stop writing! I think you have many more fantastic books to write and share with us all.
    Wishing you the very best.

  16. Janice Estenson Myers

    Hello Eli,
    What a fantastic writing effort you have started and such a big idea for a boy of the age 10-11 years! May you continue to use your thoughts for this project and although I don’t know you well, through your writing I have a glimpse. For you I wish you strength and hope in your journey!
    May you to be reunited with your Father very soon.
    Keep up your fine work.
    Kind regards, Janice Estenson Myers

  17. Maria Rosaria Fascia

    Davvero una brutta notizia in questa domenica primaverile.
    Molto bello il racconto scritto da Eli.
    Cosa posso dire? Posso solo augurarmi che stiano bene tutti e quattro, ovunque siano, e che possano tornare presto a casa con il loro papà che è una persona speciale.
    Maria Rosaria Fascia

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