You’re making a difference – thank you

At the request of the family, the authors of this blog wish to convey the deepest appreciation for all of the support received in recent weeks.  There is hope. And good reason for it: you.

As just one recent example, dozens of letters were sent to Russia’s Commissioner of Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov (Павел Астахов) this week, requesting his attention to the condition of Marianne Grin and the abducted children.

We will report later on the success (or not) of these and other efforts to make Russian authorities aware of the immediate danger Grin poses.

The family is also grateful for the many people who have reached out to them directly in this time to offer their support, with kindness of soul and generosity of heart.  Every word of encouragement has been been read, re-read, and circulated among family members and with close friends who are helping.  It really has made a difference.  With so many good people in the same corner and working towards a positive outcome,  it is only a question of time before the children are returned home.


2 responses to “You’re making a difference – thank you

  1. My thoughts and prayers are for their safe return soon!

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