“I will leave Russia!” Marianne Grin on TV, in front of children

The Iene TV show demonstrates how easy it is to expose false claims. Just check them.

On May 2, 2012, the hugely respected Italian investigative news program, Le Iene, aired a report on the children’s abduction by their mother, Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь).

In Pelazza: Social Services in Russia, senior Iene reporter Luigi Pelazza flew to St. Petersburg to investigate the children’s living conditions in Chabad orphanages, their denial of contact with their father and family, and their isolation from childhood friends.

Luigi Pelazza, investigative reporter for Le Iene in Italy

Pelazza interviewed Grin and let her speak. He then showed how each of her statements are plainly contradicted by official records, her own mother, and the people in Russia who have seen how she has treated the children since abducting them at the end of August 2011.

Pelazza also catches Grin showing why she was deemed an inadequate parent by the courts. With all four children seated in front of her, she makes false accusations of violence against the father and, despite Pelazza’s humanitarian entreaties, refuses even to let them see a video of his greetings. Still in front of the children, she makes a vulgar Italian gesture and states she “doesn’t give a damn” what the law says (“me ne frego!”).

Some of the highlights:

  • Marianne Grin’s mother, Inessa Grin, looking vibrant and intellingent, is interviewed via Skype after Marianne claims her mother “has Alzheimers and lives in a nursing home in California.” Inessa complains that her daughter told the same lie 10 years ago, after she refused her daughter’s demand she sign a false declaration. Inessa expresses deep concern for the children, and fears over her daughter’s mental instability.
  • After Grin denies having put her children into orphanages, teachers confirm the children lived in Chabad-Lubavitch run institutes “for children whose parents suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction”. They teachers also comment on Grin’s instability as a parent.
  • Rabbi Chaim Tolochinsky, the director of the yeshiva/orphanage where Grin had abandoned her sons, says it is “evident” Grin has psychological problems and is “acting like a hunted animal”. He doubts she is able to provide basic care for the children.
  • But the most unsettling and bizarre statements is from Grin herself, when believes the cameras are off. She bluntly confides her real plans, and they don’t include Russia: “If that a–hole [expletive] continues, we’ll go to another country. I have the financial resources, so if he continues, ‘arriverderci!'” And, again, all while she is seated in front of the children. As the court-appointed expert in Italy observed, Grin’s behavior is “pathogenic,” meaning she transmits her paranoias and disturbed version of reality to the children.

The Italian news program makes clear – through Grin’s own behavior – why the courts in Italy ruled her unfit to have custody of the children, and why Russian courts have so far been reluctant to second-guess that decision.


6 responses to ““I will leave Russia!” Marianne Grin on TV, in front of children


  2. Russian women often believe that are the sole parent and that all relationships with the children are through them. I feel sorry for the children. There is a cultural difference that Russian society has not caught up to the rest of the world in terms of father’s rights. Remember Russia is called the Motherland. You will find parental alienation issues in most divorces with Russian women. AJ htttp://www.solanofamilycourt.com

  3. If I could say something to Marianne Grin right now it would be: how do you think that what you have done and what you are doing is good for the children? Do you not recognize how this parental alienation and family alienation will be a wound they’ll carry forever – or how does anyone even know what they are feeling now other than what you say? We know for a fact that Eli has repeatedly asked to see his father and still has not been able to have any contact with him at all. You yourself have always complained to family and friends over the years that you wanted for the children what you lacked in your childhood, a family! Divorce doesn’t have to mean that the children must lose everyone who was in their life before and family and friends, and it doesn’t mean that you have to act like a fugitive and pack them up along with you as if they are possessions. Mothers should mother their children, not treat them like objects they own. Please dig deep down into yourself and try to get a grip.
    Why do you have to alienate the grandparents as well? They are in their 70’s and you know how much they love the kids and the kids love them.
    What do these children who are OUR family as well think about their mother lying on national TV that they were not placed in rabbinical institutes and slept there all week and even some weekends. You denied that to the interviewers face and said they did not – and in front of the children – and it’s a fact that they were sleeping there, as everyone saw after confirmed by Rabbi Tolochinsky who was interviewed and Sara’s teacher at Mahon. Why did you deny it?
    I think I can speak for all of us in our family as we plea to you to please search deep inside yourself and ask if this is the right thing to do? For a first step you could try putting the kids in contact with their grandparents. You said on TV that your cell phone is always on. Will you answer?


  4. Totalmente scoccante! Si può capire perché la Grin ha perso l’affido dei bambini, si vede che è una persona molto malata. Menomale gli italiani hanno visto bene, e sembra che anche in Russia hanno capito che lei non è in grado di curare quattro bambini. Speriamo che il consolato aiuti a portare subito i bambini al padre.

  5. Family Friend

    I watched the video and she is horrifying! It is sad for me to say this because I used to know Marianne. She always had mental problems she was managing, but now she seems like she belongs on the set of a Hitchcock movie. Is she schizophrenic? It seems impossible she would tell so many lies, knowing the Iena would check. Everything she said was false. Everything. Just incredible.
    I feel so sorry for the children, and Michael. Is it possible the Russian authorities haven’t seen how obviously ill she is?

  6. Would want to see the video or read (in English) the transcribed text….

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