English version: news program on abduction and isolation of the children

Here with English subtitles is the May 2, 2012 episode of Le Iene, showing:
  • The father’s desperate search for his children in Russia
  • Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь) shown as an aggressive, compulsive liar, with each statement  in front of the children shown to be a lie (he own mother asks “why does she keep lying?”)
  • Rabbi Chaim Tolochinsky, director of the Chabad-Lubavitch orphanage who illegally isolated the children from their father and family, describes Grin as psychologically disturbed
  • Grin engages in abuse, alienating the children from the father on camera
  • Grin changes character when she believes she is off camera and admits her real plans:  “If that a–hole continues, we’ll move someplace else. I have the funds to do it.  So if he continues, ‘arrivederci’!”

Link to version with Russian subtitles is here:

Марианны Гринь – интервью итальянским журналистам (русские субтитры


2 responses to “English version: news program on abduction and isolation of the children

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  2. Just terrible what this woman is doing to her own children. This is child abuse! She took them away from their lives to spite the father. She even continues to call him her ‘Husband’ in the video. It is clear she can not mentally accept that he left her, so she is punishing the children and making up violence claims to get even with him. Everything she said was proven a lie, the reporter was brilliant!! Let’s hope the Italian consulate can help get these kids back home to their father and help the mum get psychiatric treatment.

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