Chapter 2 of the Half Elf

Edo (left) and Eli meet briefly in Russia

As previously posted,  Eli (Elliot) began writing a book while 11-years old, getting up in the early morning before school each day to work on it.

Eli’s goal was to be published at 12. Although the mother, Marianne Grin, has prevented communications between Eli and his family and friends, the project to publish his book continued. Eli’s father has assembled the work he left behind, and drafts of the book have been reviewed by Eli’s close friend, Edo.

As a teaser, here is Half Elf – Chapter 2 by Elliot Mcilwrath.


An Unplanned Trip

The room was white with doctors all around me all dressed in white.  Through the window I could see it was night outside but I had no idea what time it was.

“Hello there, sleepyhead!” said a man, the only one not dressed all in white. “You’ve been out for almost two days!”

He started to bombard me with questions. “How did it happen? Did you see the arrows before they hit you, or who was shooting them? Why were there arrows at the gym? Do you know why anyone might want to hurt you?”

Download entire second chapter:  Half Elf – Chapter 2


One response to “Chapter 2 of the Half Elf

  1. Please write more chapters. With my kids, we would like finish to read the entire book. Leo

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