The Half Elf, by Elliot Mcilwrath, Chapter 3

As previously posted,  Eli (Elliot) began writing a book when he was 11 years old, getting up in the early morning before school each day to work on it. Because Eli’s family is prevented from contacting him, his father is assembling the work that he left behind, with the help of Eli’s close friend, Edo.

As we have received many requests to make more of Eli’s book available, here is Chapter 3.

Chapter 3:  Astengurt

The cell had stone walls, a wooden bench where I was stretched out, and nothing else. As I stood up, a man wearing a red cloak appeared. He opened the cell, which apparently had not been locked, and pulled me up gently by the arms.

“You have not been harmed,” he said, as if saying that would make it true, but it did not make my head feel any better.  “And more importantly,” he continued, “you are being awaited.” He spoke politely, with a slight accent I’d never heard but that faintly reminded me of how Andrew sometimes spoke.

He gestured in the direction I was to go, and bowed as I passed him, as if I was someone important or going to see someone important, or both.

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One response to “The Half Elf, by Elliot Mcilwrath, Chapter 3

  1. Molly McIlwrath

    Eli, if you are able to somehow get access to internet and read this I just want you to know how proud I am of you. We all are! And of Sam, Sara and Ezra too. You are all so incrediblely strong. Just know that your family is here and will always be, and even though there is no way to communicate with you all right now, and this is breaking everyone’s hearts (Roro and Grandpa miss you so much…Grandpa was just in Florence and he was very sad not to be able to be with you) you are in our thoughts all the time every day. You’re such a talented writer, and Edo is a fantastic editor too!

    Love, Molly

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