Petition to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Help Bring Abducted Children Home

Dear Madam Secretary,

It has been almost one year since four American children were abducted from their American custodial father, and illegally taken from Italy to Russia by their non-custodial mother.

The court-appointed psychologist and the judge deemed the Russian mother, Marianne Grin, psychologically unstable. Sole custody was given to the father one year prior to the abduction.

The Russians are not honoring the Hague Convention principles to return the children to their habitual residence nor are they honoring the convention of the Rights of the Child. The Russian authorities are taking no steps to protect these children.

The mother cancelled all forms of communication with the children. There has been no contact with their friends and family. Facebook and email accounts were deleted, the children are not allowed phone calls.

The children do not go to school regularly nor have a stable home. They have no family in Russia. The mother abandoned the children to Russian Institutions/orphanages when she was unable to care for them.

We need help from the US State Department to appeal to Russian authorities to follow international laws and conventions and return these children to their father.

The Italian authorities can do little, as the children are American citizens.

The family is seriously concerned for the physical and psychological health of the children.

Please help bring these children home to safety, love and caring.

Thank you,



To sign the petition click here:


3 responses to “Petition to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Help Bring Abducted Children Home

  1. omowunmi soipe

    I would like know how to go about bringing back home children that were abducted into America without the consent of the mother.
    Thank you

    • Very sorry to hear about your situation. There are many resources on this site to assist with cases of international parental child abduction. A very good organization is Reunite, which is based in the UK, and can provide guidance to parents of abducted children. It is important for you also to check whether your country, like the USA, is a party to the Hague Convention. If so, you should file a request with your central authority to have the children returned immediately. Good luck to you!

  2. Thank you to so many for signing the petition!!! It is a big success.

    Please spread the word and let’s get these children safely home where they belong as soon as possible!

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