Happy Birthday Sara!

Dear Sara,

Since we have no way to contact you, we hope that maybe you will have access to a computer and will find this note.

Remember last year when you were home in Florence, and you got a pink bike for your birthday? You were very happy. Zoe wanted to ride it, so you helped her.

And remember when you, Ezra, and Papa went for a ride with your new bike and got so many blackberries, you and Papa and Ezra were shouting “more! more! (blackberries! blackberries!)” each time you saw some good ones to eat? Some were hard to reach so you and Papa helped Ezzie, lifting him up to pick some more of his own.

This year, Papa, Grandpa, Roro, Molly, Zoe, Maggi, Lorenzo all wish you a Happy Birthday, and we are thinking of you and have presents that we hope we’ll be able to give you. We are all very proud of you and miss you very much, and we want you home as soon as possible.

And Papa would like to say to you, “see you later, alligator…” (you know the rest…”boop ti do be do be doo”).




4 responses to “Happy Birthday Sara!

  1. Maria Rosaria Fascia

    Happy birthday Sara !!!

  2. Buon Compleanno Sara!!
    We all love you and miss you so much. Not having you and your brothers around is so sad.
    I wish we could have a birthday party for you like we did every year, where you pick the menu and I cook whatever you want. Then we give presents and have cake.
    When you come back home, I’ll take you shoe shopping like we used to and you can pick out whatever you like! That will be so much fun.

  3. Molly McIlwrath

    Oh Sara, I can’t believe today was your birthday and we aren’t even able to talk to you. I miss you so much and thought of you today as I do everyday. Zoe STILL asks if any pink bike we see on the street is “Sara’s bike?” and she just a few days ago out of the blue said: “Dov’e’ Sara? Dov’e’ Ezi?” I can’t tell you how many times this year she has asked that same question over and over.

    I love you and miss you. We are always your family, I am always your aunt, and these bonds will never be broken no matter what. I am always here for you and will always be. No one can take that away from us even though currently you are cut off from contact with everyone.

    With love,

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