Petition to Bring Kids Home – Over 500 Signatures!

You can always count on good people to speak up and lend a hand, all over the world!

Family and friends of the abducted children have been heartened by the response to the petition asking US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to help bring the children home. Since its launch last week, over 500 people from around the world have signed!

Those signing hail from Canada, Austria, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Egypt, South Africa, Qatar, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and even Russia!

In the United States, the signers come from California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, DC, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Connecticut, Missouri, Massachusetts, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia, New Hampshire, Oregon, Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, and Hawaii.

To everyone so far, THANK YOU!


One response to “Petition to Bring Kids Home – Over 500 Signatures!

  1. Reblogged this on NOMADIC SPORES and commented:
    What’s more ‘nomadic’ than a case of children abduction? Please, read, sign, share, and help.

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