The Half Elf, by Elliot Mcilwrath, Chapter 4

Elliot, summer 2011, during his vacation with his grandparents and uncle in California, just before the kidnapping.

As we have received many requests to make more of Elliot’s book available, here is the continuation:

The Half Elf, Chapter 4: Where Is Andrew Taking Me?

The room was bright, and led immediately to another hallway. Andrew obviously knew where he was going, and I followed him and Edward.  As we walked, I could feel the notebook tossing around in my sweatshirt and decided to take it out and jot down some notes. 

I marked it “top secret” on the cover, but then realized that would probably just make it a better target for a thief. So I slipped it back under my sweatshirt.

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One response to “The Half Elf, by Elliot Mcilwrath, Chapter 4

  1. Eli–Am again blown away by your command of language and knack for storytelling. Both talents are hard–and in your case obviously natural. Keep writing! Dan

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