Petition Update: Almost 800 Signatures From Around the World!

The petition to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is close to reaching 800 signatures!

The signatories hail from over 25 countries. Many have made personal pleas, often noting their personal knowledge of the situation, the children, and their family.

Thank you to everyone for helping to spread the word, and all of the encouragement and offers of support that the family is receiving.

The petition can be found at:

Here are some of the heart-felt comments left by signatories, organized geographically:


J. C.
Please return these four children to the care of their father and legal custodian. The ultimate well being of these children is at risk.

K. J.

This is a terrible injustice. I have known Mike and his entire family my whole life. They are an incredible family and Mike is a wonderful man. The children need him in their lives.


Mike has been a great dad to these kids. I have known him for over 35 years.

K. M.
Do the right thing for these children. Now.

S. D.
This is heartbreaking! These children have a father and family that love and care for them. Their mother abducted and abandoned them! Bring them home now!

D. A.
It’s way past time for these kids to be home.

L. R.
Secretary of State Clinton, Please get involved in this international abduction issue (by a mentally unstable mother) and try to help bring these children home? Thank-you in advance

M. S.
These children need to be returned to their father before even more psychological harm is done. They need to start healing in a loving home, please help them!

K. M.
Everyone’s primary concern must be the safety of the children.

J. S.
Please bring these children home to their Daddy where they belong. The World is watching!

M. F.
This case has been adjudicated Madame Secretary, I implore you to its enforcement: four of our most valuable and vulnerable – children – are in compounding daily risk.

F. B.
I was in Michael’s home in Italy when Ms. Grin sent a photo to him with bruises on her face she claimed he caused the day before (there was no way it could have happened). She told him on the message she was planning to complain to local police he beat her. The children are now in the daily care of a highly articulate but unbalanced, mentally ill parent. The message this case sends to other Russian citizens who believe they can count on unconditional government shielding in such wrenching cases astonishes me. Please consider US government intervention.

K. K.
Please help now

R. W.
Please re-unit these kids with their family.

L. V.
Please do what is right for these children !!

J. M.
If the US government and its agencies will not act to protect its children, when they have the authority to do so, why should that government expect any support from its citizens?

N. W.
Please help bring these kids home.

A. C.
Please help these children find their way back to their father. Their mother needs medical attention herself and the brainwashing needs to stop. These children NEED their father. The Italian Courts even said so. And HE NEEDS HIS children!

R. M.
I am the grandmother of these 4 children. I know how sick their mother is and she has kept them from talking to family and friends as she continues her brain washing!!,,Please help us stop her.

Thank you for your intervention in this very important issue.

B. B.
Please work to resolve this issue for these children. They belong with their father based on ruling by Italy courts. The childrn’s future depends on getting them home as soon as possible


M. B.
Let the kiddos come home to their legal guardian. There is a reason he was given custody. Prosecute this woman to the full extent of the law for kidnapping. There are other ways she could have gone about trying to get custody of her children that are legal.

T. S.
This situation has been a nightmare for the children and for their father and his family. Michael is a wonderful and caring father. The US State Department should act to support the well-being of this family by engaging with the Russian Foreign Minister and court system to safely reunite the children with their father.

H. H.
Please do everything your power to bring these children home to their father…orphanages are for children who have no living relatives to care for them; these children have someone who desperately wants them back and is willing to care for them. Please insist that applicable international laws be followed for the sake of these children! Sincerely and with respect, Mrs. Hopkins

K. S.
Please help these kids make it home safely to their dad!

K. H.
Let’s get these kids back to dad!


Why isn’t the US government taking any action??


L. H.
Please help these children reunite with their father.

P. F.
These children need to be returned to their father. To read the history of their kidnapping, to read the court’s assessment of Marianne Grin, to know personally from his early years Michael McIlwrath, to believe in his integrity and devotion to life and his children is to know unwaveringly that action needs to be taken now — by those with the power to bring them home.

C. R.
No child should be wards of the state when there is a loving family waiting for them. Please help expedite this process and get those children home.


D. D.
Please use the available resources of the US to bring resolution to this unnecessary situation and to protect these children.


M G.
Madam Secretary, Americans need to know that their government is willing and able to protect them at home and abroad. Swift diplomatic intervention is the only logical and acceptable response to such a tragedy.

C. S.
My prayer is that these children are rightfully returned to their father. The time to do this is now!

These Children need to go home. Back to their father and in safe stable hands.

R. T.
This is not right for the kids!!!!

D. P.
Countries should not keep children away from their custodial parent. My heart breaks for this father.

E. F.
A serious message needs to be sent to parents who abduct their children and flee to a foreign country. The kids need to be returned to their father, their legal custodial parent

J. E.
For the welfare of the children, it is imperative that these children be returned to their father who was the custodial rights!

C. H.
I am hoping with all my hearts that those children are going to return safe home, to people that love and sincerely care about them.

Dear Secretary Clinton, We are personal friends of Maggi and Michael’s – they are wonderful people who care immensely about their children! Please intervene on their behalf with the Russian government to bring their children home to them! With Respect,


R. R.
U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton- Please help bring home four American children that were abducted by their psychologically unfit mother. Help them to be returned to their father. I refer you to Bring Florentine Children Home for more details.


C. P.


M. M.
Mental illness is such a difficult disease. Please help these children regain a steady, healthy childhood and get their mother the help she so clearly needs.

K. P.
Please help these four wonderful children get home to their father, extended family and friends in Italy. This has gone on far too long.

J. D.
Please get these kids back to their loving father!

C. P.
If anyone can do this, you can. Please put this on your list of very important things to do. The four children need your help.

District of Columbia

Please help these children to live a healthy, prosperous life with the family that loves them.

New York

J. H.
A friend of a friend (exactly that far removed) knows these kids and says the situation is urgent. Please look into this and make sure the children are reunited with their father.

J. N.
Mike loves his children and has worked hard to protect them from a terrible situation. We need to help get his kids back home.

S. L.
Please help return these children to a stable, loving home.

M. C.
Please help these children reunite with their Father.

G. AC.
The welfare of these children are at risk. There must be action soon! For everyday that passes 4 children are physically and mentally abused by this horrible injustice.

E. H.
This tragedy has been going on way too long. Please, act now and help bring these four children back to their loving family and friends.


K. G.
It is stunning that this is allowed to happen. I visited Mike several months before the children were abducted and had the pleasure of meeting two of the children who were just then emotionally recovering from the situation which gave rise to Mike getting sole custody, which is very rare in Italy. The sooner they are returned, the better.

E. P.
Ms. Clinton, Please protect the rights of these young citizens.

S. H.
Dear Secretary Clinton, This is a heartbreaking situation and an outrageous example of the Russian authorities failing to follow the law as needed to protect innocent children. Please do whatever you can to return these children to their family in Italy.

S. B.
The country should do what’s right, and uphold the law. The children must be returned to their Father, their family and rightfully so.


A. M.
Please look into this case and do everything possible to reunite these children and their father and bring them back home to Italy.


H H., BC
Please think of the children and return them to their father. This is a tragic situation and the well-being of the children should come first and foremost.

M. G., AB
This happened the the niece and nephew of a friend of mine and those children were murdered by their mother in Turkey and the father was never allowed to see their bodies. Please help these children.


M. F.
Please, give the children the chance to grow in a safe environment, possibly happy, and beloved in a healthy way.

G. D B.
Please do whatever you can to bring these children back to a normal and happy family life.

R. F.
I know the childreen, they need the father and all their friends!!!!

M. B.
I personally know Mike. He is a person that doesn’t deserve such things. I hope he can join very soon with his lovable children.

A. G.
help the Children to protect their right to be again together with their loving father.

G. N.
I know Mike ….he is a terrific person. Always I will remember his kids’ photos and footprint of different sizes hanging on the wall of his office.

R. G.
It is a priority for any child to get love, care and support and I hope this signature can help them to get all these things back again with Mike soon.

M. C.
Children are suffering for this incledible situation. We have to do whatever is possible to help them.

E. B.
This is a SHAME and we need to act fast to protect these children and give them back to their careful father!!

L. F.
Bring them back where they belong, now!

R. DS,
Bring kids home, they deserve to have a balance life, opportunities and most at all … lots of love! they can get all of this with thier father.

I truly hope that these wonderful kids will come back home with their loving father soon.

C. A.
Save the children absolutely!

D. A.
please help return these children to their father now.

B. B.
… it’s the right thing to do…

A. E.
I really hope this bad story has a happy ending

C. F.
Please help to bring these 4 childen home… they deserve a quite and happy life back HOME to their father!

S. A.
this is a horrible crime against four innocent children- they need to be brought home to Florence where they belong!

L. S.
Everybody of us can live far from his home suffering sadness and melancholy….but not a child! Please make happy these kids…you can do.

S. S.
Please, help them to come back to their father. Thank you

D. F.
se la madre non fosse stata dichiarata psicologicamente non adatta ad essere affidataria. NON avrebbe rapito i 4 bambini, situazione molto pericolosa anche per l’incolumità di essi

M. A.
Please help end this nightmare that the children are suffering. They belong home with their dad, surrounded by friends and family who love them.

D. A.
Please help these children!

Russian Federation

A. V.
I am currently in Russia. The kids must be returned to their Father and family back home in Italy.


R. F T.
Please help to end this terrible situation for these children and help to reunite with their beloved dad. Thank you !!


J. D.
You CAN DO it, Ms. Clinton. You can. Just do it


H. T.
Please help to ensure that the childrens’ well being is taken care of as soon as possible and they can live again among their family and friends in their home town.

C. S.
I am an American citizen living in France. I support this petition and fervently hope that the US government can intervene without further delay in this case for the good of the children.

J. M.
If there’s any reason we pay taxes to fund our government, it’s for these moments to bring justice to children who deserve a happy childhood.

J. F.
As a U.S. citizen living abroad with my family, I greatly hope that you help end the nightmare for these four children and their father.


S. S.
Please, Help him!


L. M.
Please help this father to have contact with his children.

South Africa

S. E.
Unbelievable that cases like this could still occur (and be allowed) in modern society.


W. P.
What these children have gone through is extremely traumatic. The mother has not considered their needs or well being at all. The children are precious and need to be safely home with their father and family and friends where they can be loved and cared for appropriately. Please help these children. They have no voice or power and need those with the power in all USA and Russia to bring them home. God bless them and their father.

C. M.
Taking a child away from their life is abuse! The parent is selfish & NOT thinking about their child & their needs! There is plenty of help at home if they need it without skipping countries & abusing their child.

C. S.
Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse. These children need to be returned to Italy now so that their human rights can be restored.

New Zealand

Please do help these children before it is too late for them. They need to be with loving family who can care for them full time.

S. H.
It appears that the mother has serious mental health issues, you must act to support the Russian authorities to comply with the Hague Convention and return the children to their father.


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