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Sara’s Stories: The Pink Princess

Once upon a time there lived a princess in a land where everything was the color…

“Pink!” shouted the little girl. Pink was her favorite color.

“That’s right,” said the papa, continuing the story. “There were pink houses with pink rooms with pink people reading pink books. And little girls in pink pajamas tucked under pink sheets in pink beds.”

The little girl giggled. “Like me!” she said.

“Yes. And do you know what color the trees were?” the papa asked.

“Green!” answered the little girl, not falling for her father’s trick. “Plants are green because they need to get energy from the sun,” she explained.

The papa nodded proudly, “of course, nearly everything else in this land was pink. Except for one other thing….”

But maybe it would be better to let this story tell itself.

The Pink Princess

The Pink Princess woke up smiling in her pink bed. She had been sick for some days, but now she felt better.

The morning sun was shining into her bedroom, lighting the pink wall, the pink carpet on the floor and her pink sheets.

Everything was pink, as anyone could plainly see. Or nearly everything, except for the trees, which were green, and her horse, which was the color fuchsia.

The Pink Princess still had her head on her pink pillow when her fuchsia horse poked his head through the pink window. He made a funny snort to get her attention.

The Pink Princess laughed.

“You are such a funny horse!” she said. “And you are so good! Every day when I was sick you came to see me. You always worry about me.”

The horse snorted again.

“I think we will go for a very long ride today!”

The Pink Princess had a fuchsia-colored horse

The horse was happy to go for a ride. And he was even happier that the Pink Princess was feeling better. He had worried very much all the days that she was sick.

The pink nurse prepared a wonderful breakfast of delicious pink waffles with pink strawberries washed down with fresh pink milk. And then she gave the Pink Princess a pink bag with pink sandwiches for her lunch, for her long ride on her fuchsia horse.

The Pink Princess rode her horse proudly out the pink palace gates. Pink people riding pink bicycles and driving pink cars waved to them. A pink truck honked its horn. They passed a pink toy car on a pink ledge next to a pink flower pot.

They passed a pink toy car on a pink toy road in front of a pink flowerpot

Everyone stared at her fuchsia horse, because it was so different. The Pink Princess didn’t mind. She was very fond of her horse.

They rode past the pink shops, and past the pink post office, and the pretty pink school. Soon there were just a few pink houses, and only an occasional pink scooter or pink car.

And then they were in the countryside. They kept riding. It started to rain, so they stopped under a tree and had lunch. (The pink nurse had included some pink apples for the fuchsia horse.)

When they started to ride again, the Pink Princess saw that there was no longer anything that was pink. Just the green countryside. She liked it so much that she kept riding, and lost all track of the time.

It started to get late. And then it got later and later in the afternoon and still the Pink Princess and her fuchsia horse did not stop.

They had pink sandwiches under a tree. (The horse ate pink apples.)

With the sun going down, the Pink Princess started to worry that she was too far from home.

That was when she saw a man on a fuchsia bicycle, and he was fuchsia too!

Then she saw a fuchsia car, and a fuchsia house, and more fuchsia people.

She even saw a fuchsia dog chasing a fuchsia cat.

Soon, everything was fuchsia.

“Except the trees!” interrupted the little girl.

“They were green, as trees always are,” said the papa.

On a hill above the town, the Pink Princess could see a beautiful fuchsia castle. “There must be a princess there,” she thought.

She rode her fuchsia horse to the fuchsia-colored gates. She introduced herself to the castle guards. They were dressed in handsome fuchsia uniforms.

“May I be presented to your princess?” she asked in a gentle voice.

A fuchsia castle on the hill

“Immediately!” said the guards, recognizing her as a princess herself, and also noticing her fuchsia horse. They opened the gates and she rode into the castle grounds.

The Pink Princess got down from her horse and left him to drink some cool water. He was very thirsty.

The Fuchsia Princess appeared only a moment later. She gave her new friend a hug. She invited her inside to have dinner together, and to stay for the night.

The Pink Princess marveled at how beautiful everything was, even though it was not all pink.

They ate a delicious dinner of fuchsia spaghetti followed by fuchsia cake. While they were eating their cake, the Fuchsia Princess told the Pink Princess she thought her horse was beautiful.

“He is a very good horse, too,” said the Pink Princess.

“I have a beautiful horse that is also very good,” said the Fuchsia Princess. “Do you want to see him?”

“Oh yes!” answered the Pink Princess.

“And you’ll never guess what color he is,” said the Fuchsia Princess, as they walked together to the royal fuchsia stables.

“Fuchsia like mine?” asked the Pink Princess.

“See for yourself!” said the Fuchsia Princess, opening the stable door.

The Pink Princess could not hide her surprise. Inside was the most beautiful pink horse she had ever seen, in her favorite shade of pink, too! It’s saddle, however, was fuchsia.

“I never had a pink horse like yours,” she said.

The Fuchsia Princess said that was an incredible coincidence! “And I never had a fuchsia horse, to match everything else,” she said.

The pink horse (with fuchsia saddle)

“Why don’t we exchange our horses?” The princesses asked each other at the same time.

“That way our horses will match everything else we have,” said the Fuchsia Princess.

“That would be splendid,” said the Pink Princess. As soon as she said this, though, she wondered if it really was splendid.

By now it was very late indeed. The princesses brushed their teeth (the castle had fuchsia toothbrushes for guests) and went to bed under soft fuchsia covers and fuchsia sheets.

The Pink Princess could not sleep, though. All she could think about was her horse. She remembered how good he was, how he cared for her, never letting her fall. Often he came to school and waited for her outside.

She especially remembered how worried he looked when she was sick. He really loved her, she realized.

When morning came, she could not wait to tell the Fuchsia Princess of her decision.

“Your horse is very beautiful and his color matches everything in my palace….” the Pink Princess said. “But I love my horse too much, and for me there’s no horse better nor more beautiful. I’m afraid I cannot exchange horses. I am sorry to disappoint you.”

The Fuchsia Princess smiled a great big smile and said, “you know, I was going to say the very same thing!”

“I think we will be very good friends!” They both said at the same time.

The princesses then said their goodbyes, after making plans for the Fuchsia Princess to visit the Pink Palace.

The Pink Princess then rode back to the Pink Palace, very happily, on her fuchsia horse.


“Why didn’t she take a lunch with her?” asked the little girl. “It’s a long way back to the Pink Palace.”

“She did, of course,” answered the papa. “The fuchsia nurse prepared delicious fuchsia sandwiches for the princess and fuchsia apples for the horse. But it is late now and time for you to be asleep.”

“I know,” giggled the little girl. She gave her papa a kiss and closed her sleepy eyes. “I just like this story so much I didn’t want it to end.”


Sara and her papa

Copyright 2012 by Michael Mcilwrath


Sara and the Dragon: A Game of Chess

When Sara was little, she and her dad used to make up stories at bedtime.  This is one of their many stories about a little girl and her friend who is a dragon.

When Sara and her dad originally started making up these stories, they were called the “Lilly and the Dragon” stories, as Sara had a friend named Lilly who lived nearby and used to come play with her.

But there appears to be a very different book with a similar name, so the heroine has been renamed Sara.  Not the Sara who was creating the stories with her dad, of course.

No, this was just a Sara who, by coincidence, happened to be about the same age as our Sara, and who also happened to live in a place near many olive trees, and who also liked to ask all sorts of questions, and, just as coincidentally, also liked to play chess instead of going to bed when she was supposed to.

A Game of Chess

Sara was supposed to be asleep. She had finished her homework, and it was past her bedtime.
But she was not asleep. In fact, she was not even in bed. Instead, she sat by her window, looking at the stars above the trees.

“How far away is that one?” Sara asked herself, pointing to a star.

Sara was not very old, in fact she was no older than you are now.
And Sara loved to look at the stars. She would ask herself questions.
“How far away is that one?” or “How long would it take to go there?”
The next day, she would try to find answers.

Sara was thinking of another question to ask herself when she heard a noise.
Followed by a rumble.
She looked up, but there were only trees and the stars.
There was no noise coming from the sky.
So Sara looked down. The ground was moving.  No, Sara saw, something under the ground was moving!
The trees were shaking.
Sara asked herself, what could it be?

The noise got louder. And the rumbling got bigger.
All of a sudden a puff of smoke in many colors burst from the ground under a big olive tree.

Colored puffs of smoke burst from the ground under a big olive tree

Sara opened her window to see better.

When the smoke and dust settled, she could see something very large sitting on the ground.
What could it be?
It had a large head, a long tail, and wings.
It was a dragon!

The dragon stood up and shook off some dirt. Then it puffed some smoke from its nose.

“Hey!” Shouted Sara. “You were traveling under the ground!”
The dragon looked surprised. It turned towards Sara. Then it puffed more colored smoke and said, “excuse me. Who are you?”
“My name is Sara. Who are YOU?” She asked.
“I’m a dragon,” said the dragon.
“I can see that!” Said Sara, with a smile. “But what’s your name?”
“Name? I don’t have a name. I’m a dragon!”
Sara said, “I didn’t know dragons could travel under the ground like that.”
“Well,” said the dragon, “how many dragons have you ever met?”
“None,” said Sara. “I guess you make a good point.”
The dragon smiled.
So Sara decided to ask him, “What other things do you do?”
The dragon thought for a moment. Then he said, “well, you know, usual dragon stuff. I like to eat chestnuts and play chess.”
“Really?” said Sara. “I like to play chess, too!”
“I didn’t know little girls could play chess!” said the dragon, belching a thick cloud of red, yellow, and blue smoke.
“Well,” said Sara, “how many little girls have you ever met?”
“None,” said the dragon, and then with a smile, “Hmmm… I think you make a good point too!”
Sara smiled too.  Then she got out her chessboard, very quietly.

The dragon came close to the window, and Sara set the chessboard down and started putting the pieces in place.
“Black or white?” she asked.
“White, of course!” said the dragon, helping to put the pieces in place.
“Ok, then you go first.”
The dragon opened by playing the king’s pawn. Sara responded by moving out her knight.

“Interesting move,” said the dragon.

“Interesting move,” said the dragon.
They played a very enjoyable game. It ended in a draw.
Before the dragon left, Sara made him promise to come back soon for a rematch.

And then Sara finally fell asleep.