Sara and the Dragon: A Game of Chess

When Sara was little, she and her dad used to make up stories at bedtime.  This is one of their many stories about a little girl and her friend who is a dragon.

When Sara and her dad originally started making up these stories, they were called the “Lilly and the Dragon” stories, as Sara had a friend named Lilly who lived nearby and used to come play with her.

But there appears to be a very different book with a similar name, so the heroine has been renamed Sara.  Not the Sara who was creating the stories with her dad, of course.

No, this was just a Sara who, by coincidence, happened to be about the same age as our Sara, and who also happened to live in a place near many olive trees, and who also liked to ask all sorts of questions, and, just as coincidentally, also liked to play chess instead of going to bed when she was supposed to.

A Game of Chess

Sara was supposed to be asleep. She had finished her homework, and it was past her bedtime.
But she was not asleep. In fact, she was not even in bed. Instead, she sat by her window, looking at the stars above the trees.

“How far away is that one?” Sara asked herself, pointing to a star.

Sara was not very old, in fact she was no older than you are now.
And Sara loved to look at the stars. She would ask herself questions.
“How far away is that one?” or “How long would it take to go there?”
The next day, she would try to find answers.

Sara was thinking of another question to ask herself when she heard a noise.
Followed by a rumble.
She looked up, but there were only trees and the stars.
There was no noise coming from the sky.
So Sara looked down. The ground was moving.  No, Sara saw, something under the ground was moving!
The trees were shaking.
Sara asked herself, what could it be?

The noise got louder. And the rumbling got bigger.
All of a sudden a puff of smoke in many colors burst from the ground under a big olive tree.

Colored puffs of smoke burst from the ground under a big olive tree

Sara opened her window to see better.

When the smoke and dust settled, she could see something very large sitting on the ground.
What could it be?
It had a large head, a long tail, and wings.
It was a dragon!

The dragon stood up and shook off some dirt. Then it puffed some smoke from its nose.

“Hey!” Shouted Sara. “You were traveling under the ground!”
The dragon looked surprised. It turned towards Sara. Then it puffed more colored smoke and said, “excuse me. Who are you?”
“My name is Sara. Who are YOU?” She asked.
“I’m a dragon,” said the dragon.
“I can see that!” Said Sara, with a smile. “But what’s your name?”
“Name? I don’t have a name. I’m a dragon!”
Sara said, “I didn’t know dragons could travel under the ground like that.”
“Well,” said the dragon, “how many dragons have you ever met?”
“None,” said Sara. “I guess you make a good point.”
The dragon smiled.
So Sara decided to ask him, “What other things do you do?”
The dragon thought for a moment. Then he said, “well, you know, usual dragon stuff. I like to eat chestnuts and play chess.”
“Really?” said Sara. “I like to play chess, too!”
“I didn’t know little girls could play chess!” said the dragon, belching a thick cloud of red, yellow, and blue smoke.
“Well,” said Sara, “how many little girls have you ever met?”
“None,” said the dragon, and then with a smile, “Hmmm… I think you make a good point too!”
Sara smiled too.  Then she got out her chessboard, very quietly.

The dragon came close to the window, and Sara set the chessboard down and started putting the pieces in place.
“Black or white?” she asked.
“White, of course!” said the dragon, helping to put the pieces in place.
“Ok, then you go first.”
The dragon opened by playing the king’s pawn. Sara responded by moving out her knight.

“Interesting move,” said the dragon.

“Interesting move,” said the dragon.
They played a very enjoyable game. It ended in a draw.
Before the dragon left, Sara made him promise to come back soon for a rematch.

And then Sara finally fell asleep.


One response to “Sara and the Dragon: A Game of Chess

  1. I love reading this and that even though we have not been able to be in touch with Sara for a year now ( I still cannot even believe that), these stories keep her right there. I have to say that I”m pretty biased as the aunt, but I have seen how amazing Mike and Maggi are with these kids and this kind of tribute to Sara just shows what a great father Mike and step mom figure Mike and Maggie are.

    The story of the dragon really touches me, especially because Zoe’s favorite bedtime book lately while we’ve been on vacation is “Puff the magic dragon.” I hadn’t read the story in so long and was really struck by the part that says “Dragons are forever, but not so little girls and boys.” Kids do in fact grow up and I hope and pray every day that our family will be reunited with Sam, Eli, Sara and Ezra so we can play and sing and read and do everything we did when they were around and happy. Everyone deserves a healthy childhood and its memories.

    I hope wherever Sara is right now that her dragon is still visiting her.

    Love, Molly

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