Happy Chanukkà to the Children!!!

Happy Hanukkah

The family and friends of the abducted children are hoping they will see these messages.

Sam, Eli, Sara and Ezra, we love you and miss you very much!

We have special presents for you from all the family, and we trust there will soon be a way for us to give them to you.

Remember lighting the chanukkìa at the Synagogue in Florence, and playing with all your friends?

Florence Synagogue

Florence Synagogue at night

Sara, do you remember when you were just six years old and had just learned to  write, and you sat yourself in front of the TV looking for gifts to put on your list? That was a lot of fun!

Until we are together again for another joyful holiday, I send you a big hug and wish you all a very Happy Chanukkà.

Love, Papa

Happy Hanukkah from Grandpa, Roro, Ina, Kevin, Molly, Lorenzo, Zoe, and Maggi!

The children’s friends in Florence also send them their very best wishes, and to let them know that they are waiting for them to return soon!

NB:  there are different spellings of this holiday in English, all transliterations from Hebrew. Chanukkà is the spelling used in the children’s Talmud Torà (Talmud Torah) classes in Florence.

Synagogue in Florence


One response to “Happy Chanukkà to the Children!!!

  1. And love from the Mellersh family. We are one of the thousands of people around the world praying that you four children, and others in the same situation, may find a way to see both your loving parents

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