20,000 Visitors! The family thanks you for your support!

Corita - yes to youThis blog has reached the 20,000 visitors mark! The family and friends of the abducted children wish to express their heartfelt thanks for all the encouragement and offers of support they have received. This has only increased in the time since the children were abducted from their home in Florence, Italy and illegally taken to Russia by their non-custodial mother.

Your voices of support, and the many concrete offers of help, have been a huge contribution. As we will report in a separate post, the Russian courts have begun to understand the lies and manipulations the children are experiencing, and have also issued judgments against the mother and Russian tabloid media that published her false story of “escape” from Italy without minimally attempting to verify it.

We will provide additional information about these developments in a future post, as well as what information we can about worrisome signs that have emerged yet again about the situation the children are enduring. But for now, we just wish to say……




3 responses to “20,000 Visitors! The family thanks you for your support!

  1. Just to wish that the New Year will allow you to be together again and the suffering made become soon a distant memory.

  2. We keep hoping and praying. You have our support and love
    Nick for all the Mellersh Family

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