Marianne Grin: Russian courts rule she lied about violence

JusticeIn two separate cases, courts in St. Petersburg, Russia have ruled that Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь) and a Russian newspaper, Baltinfo,  engaged in defamation against the father of the abducted children by publishing false statements of violence that had never occurred.

The decisions are available in their original Russian text:

Grin defamation judgment (OCR version in Russian – shorter download)

Grin defamation judgment (original in Russian)

Baltinfo appeal decision (original in Russian)

The decisions, both of which were confirmed on appeal, describe how Grin fabricated a false story of “escaping” violence in Italy. Both Grin and Baltinfo have been ordered to pay the father compensation for moral damages, and to issue public retractions of the false statements.

Marianne GrinGrin’s  accusations were as elaborate as they were false, the courts found. For example, in the decision against Grin by the Dzerzhinsky court of St. Petersburg, the judge noted how she had claimed in the tabloid “” of being beaten and that this led to the loss of partial eyesight in one eye.  Not only was the accusation of violence false (and unconfirmed by evidence), so was Grin’s alleged loss of eyesight. As the judge noted, Grin’s own medical records showed she had been diagnosed 20 years earlier of “a heriditary condition of strabism” in one eye. When her ex-husband filed for divorce, she attempted to attribute this condition to a non-existent violence.

(As noted elsewhere, after 12 years of marriage and four children, Grin began to assert accusations of violence only when her ex-husband filed for divorce.)

The judge also noted how Grin attempted to fabricate evidence in Russia, repeatedly taken the children as her “witnesses” to the Russian police during the many months she denied them any contact with family and relatives, coaching them on what to say.  Yet, the judge observed, the Russian police were unpersuaded by Grin’s obvious attempts to influence the children.

The decision against Baltinfo by a different St. Petersburg court was based on the publication of Grin’s false accusations without attempting to substantiate them.

This is an important win for the family, who have been battling Grin’s false accusation for years. As described elsewhere on this blog, Grin made false accusations of abuse against her own mother following a disagreement between the two. (Also in Russian.) In doing so, Grin invoked her qualification as a lawyer with a Harvard Law degree to have her mother’s parental rights over her step brother revoked, and to have her mother branded as mentally ill in the eyes of immigration authorities at the US Justice Department.

Years later, after her former husband filed for divorce and sought custody of the children in Italy, Grin attempted the same ruse. As Grin’s medical records proved, she made visits to the hospital with a reddened face after adult acne treatments, claiming that she had been beaten.  She also falsified documents in these efforts. The Italian courts dismissed all of her claims of violence. Grin not only made false accusations of abuse against her ex-husband but also against his girl-friend, the nanny that helped raise the children and other women around him. Again, all these charges were dismissed as false.

фото Марианны Гринь

фото Марианны Гринь

The recent decisions by the Russian courts follow similar decisions in Italy and the USA about Grin’s fabrications of abuse.

Grin abducted her four children after losing custody in Italy after being found by a court-appointed psychologist to be psychologically disturbed. But the problem remains that the children are still in her precarious care.

The Italian press continues to lament that lack of any action being taken to return the children to their family. In an article that appeared this month in the newspaper La Nazione, the paper noted that it was clear in the psych evaluation of June 20, 2011, that “the mother has a gravely disturbed personality” and that “the relationship of the mother with the children is of a strong psychopathic risk” because of behaviors ” that dangerously impact the psychological equilibrium of the children”.

“She was dangerous, and that was known,” writes La Nazione, yet the expert did not recommend restrictions on her visitation with the children, “because actions of  limitation could be read as confirmation of the paranoiac fantasies of the mother.”  As the article concludes, “the mother was paranoid and dangerous to the children, but lets not limit her too much or she will discover that she is paranoid and it is better not to let her find out.”

As one documented example of how Grin has severely abused the children in Russia, earlier this year she Grin placed them into Russian orphanages run by the Chabad-Lubavitch organization.

Members of the staff (also interviewed by Italian journalists) confirmed that Grin had told the children that their father no longer wanted them and would put them into orphanages in Italy if he found them. The children have now confirmed in Russian court that they were told by their mother that they had to come to Russia because their father intended to put their older brother into a mental institution in Italy.

Marianne Grin trying to stop father's legal right to pick up children at school

Marianne Grin (photo from La Repubblica newspaper)
Марианны Гринь – фото

Grin’s lies were not believed in the USA, in Italy, or by the Russian courts.  Unfortunately, the children continue to suffer by continuously being brought, by Grin, to police stations and to hospitals to report on alleged abuse. The children are the true victims of their mother’s delusions. The family is also concerned that perhaps she is harming them herself.


One response to “Marianne Grin: Russian courts rule she lied about violence

  1. This is absolutely one of the worse situations I have ever heard of. I knew there were issues with her psychological instability after reading all the articles in the press, but I guess a part of me did not want to think it was so bad. I pray for the wellbeing of these poor children and wish strength to the father and the family. It will not be easy rebuilding this family and the children will need much psychological help upon their return home.

    We and many others are here to provide whatever support we can.

    May the new year bring this family back together.

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