Judgment: Russia Will not Respect International Treaty – no reasons yet given

UPDATE, JANUARY 30, 2013: The judge’s written decision, issued on January 29, gives two reasons for the denial of recognition: the children’s Russian citizenship and unspecified conflicts with Russian law.

Neither of these impediments were present in the previous rulings of the same judge, when he issued a decision in January 2012 stating that interim Italian decrees could not be recognized in Russia, only the court’s final decision, and that the award of “sole custody” to the father is not legally recognizable. Both of these issues were addressed with the final judgment of the Italian court, rendered in September 2012, but the judge does not appear to follow his own, earlier decision of January 2012.

The essence of this ruling is essentially that foreign decisions cannot be enforced in Russia even when the Russian party voluntarily submits to the jurisdiction of the foreign court and continues to participate in the foreign proceedings even after initiating identical claims against the same party in Russia. 

The Russian court today in St. Petersburg denied the request for recognition of the final Italian judgment, refusing to apply the international convention the country signed with Italy for the enforcement of civil judgments. No reasons were given yet.

images injusticePreviously, an interim Italian decree awarding custody of the children to the father was issued prior to the abduction of the children by Marianne Grin. Grin illegally abducted the children to Russia, as well as violating an Italian court order prohibiting the children from leaving the country without the consent of both parents.

After abducting the children to Russia, Grin continued to press her case for custody in the Italian courts, which makes today’s decision even more difficult to understand.  In violating basic notions of due process, the decision essentially gives Grin the right to choose which court decision she prefers.

We are waiting for more information about the judge’s decision.

Italy & Russia

In a separate case before a different judge that Grin has filed in St. Petersburg against her ex-husband, with the same requests she made in Italy, the court has now ordered a psychological and psychiatric examination of the entire family.  Grin has opposed any such examination in Russia of her or the children.


9 responses to “Judgment: Russia Will not Respect International Treaty – no reasons yet given

  1. Non c’è giustizia per i bambini né in Russia né in Italia. Marianne Grin è gravemente disturbata (come dice il CTU) è anche diabolica.

  2. One day the children will see the efforts by their Dad and will come back to Italy… and will forever shun their Mother for doing what she did to them.

  3. Every day I wake up hoping to hear that the children are home with their father where they belong. Why does Russia continue to ignore the Hague Conventions and refuse to send the children back to Italy? If the mother had taken them to the US they would have been sent back long ago. But the mother knew this and that is why she fled to Russia. It makes me sick knowing that these children’s lives are being destroyed by their mother and politics.

  4. This is so unfair…I hope the US media covers this story in a big way.

  5. For how long can justice be blind or incompetent?

    Italy needs to step up and take responsibility for this inadequacy of justice and fix the situation in order to bring the Florentine kids back home to their father and to their family.

    These poor children have been ripped from their birthplace, their family, their lifetime friends and are all alone in Russia. It’s not fair to them! Their home is Italy!

  6. Sam, Eli, Sara, Ezra, we will always be here for you. We are your family and no judicial decision can change that. Stay strong together and know that you are loved and thought of each day even though we are not being allowed to be in touch with you for over a year now.
    Roro and Grandpa are extremely sad not to be able to even wish you happy birthdays, or Chanuka or send you gifts or letters or emails and skype like the past. It would mean so much to at least be able to have some kind of communication with you. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to all of us that you are being forced to live cut off from family and all your friends in Florence.
    We will not give up on you!

    With love and hope that somehow this message gets through to you,

    Aunt Molly

  7. How sad that Russian Court would do this.

  8. Мое сердце разбито. Я надеялась, что Россия в конце концов примет правильное решение вместо того чтобы действовать эмоционально. России без разници эти дети. Один родился в США, другие в Италии, они не Россияни, поетому Россия издевается над этими детьми. Ничего более! Эти дети-предмет для возгорания политического конфликта или просто судя захотел прославиться на политическом поприще, что бы его похлопали по плечу. Мол молодец, на тебе медаль за защиту “Россиян”! ПОЗОР!

  9. My heart is broken. I hoped that Russia at last will think about the children. I was always positive for outcome. Leaving them to live with such mother who damaged them and screwed them up was irresponsible. At once, I wanted to be proud of Russia, but I’m embarrassed. It is all about politics…..Russia don’t care about the children.

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