Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli 2010 BD presentation

The invitation to “Extreme Eli,” his 2010 birthday party in Florence

Today, February 7, Elliot turned 13.

The family will try, again, to deliver presents to Eli on this February 7, hoping the the mother will not, once again, prevent this from occurring.

None of the family of the children has been able to tell them Happy Birthday or give them birthday presents since September 2011.  The mother has refused the family any contact with them.

Birthday parties for the kids in Florence were often held in pizzerias with dozens of classmates and friends from the children’s sports, music, and Hebrew lessons.

Beginning with Sam’s birthdays when he was just three, the children’s birthdays became known among their friends for their quirky and funny party invitations.  Above is the invitation to “Exreme Eli,” when he turned 10.  (And yes, that is a picture of Eli scuba diving, during his summer vacation.)  The parties were always  raucous, noisy affairs were everyone had a great time.


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Eli!

  1. Eli, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I hope you know how much your family and friends miss you and love you very much! Hope you are able to spend time with your family soon! Cindy

  2. Happy birthday Nipotino!!! Miss you much.

  3. Happy Birthday Eli, I miss you very much!
    I can’t believe we have missed two birthdays together as a family. Remember the treasure hunt we did for one of them? You guessed all the questions and found the treasure so quickly! You’re a brilliant kid!

  4. ^^H*A*P*P*Y. B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y. E*L*I^^ Many Happy more Birthdays to you w/ Peace & Joy!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Eli !!!
    There are so many people that want you back home!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Eli. My own birthday is also in February–in about 20 days. Like you, I write. I do hope you are continuing to write. You are quite talented. I read your wonderful Elf stories last year. You have many gifts, Eli. Keep using them. 🙂

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