Russian news video with English subtitles

Now with English subtitles, here is the video by Komsomolskaya Pravda, an online Russian daily newspaper, after attempting to investigate the story of Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь).

A previous post discussed the content of the video, which contains interviews with Grin followed by the journalist’s efforts to verify what she says, noting frequent inconsistencies in her story.  When the journalist attempts to ask her about evidence that shows she is lying, Grin first refuses to answer. When the journalist asks again, she becomes aggressive and abruptly ends the interview after accusing him of “being paid by an American citizen”.  (NB: Grin is also a US citizen.)

The original, without subtitles, is available here:

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6 responses to “Russian news video with English subtitles

  1. In family scandals always guilty remains father. For women, the main thing – they and their children. About her husbands they do not think. All women are selfish.

  2. This is Parental Alienation at its worst. The courts need to immediately involve psychiatrists to work with the children.
    These children need to be protected from their mother.

  3. Those poor children, they are living with a very sick person. Why can’t the Russian judge see what everyone else sees? Even the Russian press knows she is mentally unstable!
    Marianne Grin, give yourself up. Think about your children!

  4. This woman is crazy!!!

  5. Grin is so calm when she is telling lies, but when the reporter confronts her on her lying she gets aggressive and mean. She actually hits the reporter! You can see the evil in her eyes! It’s scary.

  6. Mike non mollare, riporta i ragazzi a Firenze. Emilio tartaglia

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