Moscow Times: Russia Puts Politics Over Children

In an article about the case in this week’s Moscow Times, former Moscow Ombuds for children, Alexei Golovan, speaks about the children’s abduction and the psychological damage that Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь) is causing the children. “The children become hostages in this situation. The abductor determines the future of the children, who become used to the company of one parent over the other. This can cause serious psychological damage, as the children feel betrayed and their sense of worth is hit. It can determine the ultimate character of the children.”

Politics Seen in International Custody Disputes

Why a Girl Tore Her U.S. Passport

21 February 2013

By Alexander Winning

Sara ripping her passport

With photo cameras snapping and television cameras rolling, Sara defiantly said she had no intention of living in the U.S.Muffled in a light-blue coat and with downcast eyes, 10-year-old Sara ripped apart her American passport outside the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg.

Standing nearby, her mother, Russian emigre and Harvard graduate Marianne Grin, voiced support for legislation banning Americans from adopting Russian children — the reason for the rally in late December.

“The way that America betrayed us has led us to despair,” Grin said by phone Thursday, explaining her daughter’s actions.

State media lapped up the scene of a child rejecting her father’s U.S. heritage in favor of her mother’s Russian roots. The image of Sara tearing up her passport — albeit it was expired — appeared on television and in newspapers and blogs as the country debated the Jan. 1 ban on U.S. child adoptions.

Sara’s theatrical gesture, however, casts the spotlight on a less visible sore point in U.S.-Russian relations where children are also suffering: child custody disputes.

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One response to “Moscow Times: Russia Puts Politics Over Children

  1. Using a poor child in this way is abuse.
    Why didn’t Grin tear up her own US passport if she is so anti American?!

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