Happy Birthday Ezra!!!!

imageHappy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Ezra!
Happy Birthday to You!

We love you and miss you very very much!
We wish we could see you!
We wish we could talk to you!

Please know you are in our thoughts, our dreams and our hearts each and every day, even if you can not see us!

Papa, Maggi, Aunt Molly, Uncle Kevin, Zio Lorenzo, Grandma Roro, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Ina and little cousin Zoe!! Oh, and Hobbes the cat too!

Ezzy March 2011Mike & Z at workEzzy Skiing 2 2011


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Ezra!!!!

  1. Dear Ezra, I hope you had a happy birthday. I have thought about you all day today and how much fun we had when I was in Florence with you and how good you were when we played math games. You must be be best student in your school when it comes to solving math problems. As smart as you are you would probably be in the 5th grade if you lived in California. Many more happy birthdays. love and miss you, Grandpa

  2. tanti auguri Ezra! ricordati sempre che il tuo papà ti ama tanto! un giorno quando saprai la verità lo capirai, il mio augurio per oggi è di poter tornare presto a casa, tra le braccia di chi davvero ti ama tanto!

  3. Happy Birthday Ezzy!!!!!
    Miss you much and hope you have a happy birthday!!!! Hope to see you soon littlest of nephews:>)!!!!

    Zio Kevin

  4. Tanti auguri Ezra. tuo padre ti ama con tutto il suo cuore e piu della sua stessa vita. E’ questo è il piu bel regalo per te, oggi e per sempre. Io ti auguro di diventare forte e coraggioso, proprio come tuo papà. e ti auguro di tornare presto a casa tua, dove la tua famiglia ti aspetta. sii forte, piccolo uomo!

  5. Ezzy, We love and miss you so much!

    I know we’ll see you again soon and have fun times again like we always did.

    A big tight hug!!!!!!

    I’ll always be your zia – don’t forget that ever.

    Love, Molly

  6. Ezzy, my little man,
    I miss you so much. I wish you a very happy birthday and promise we will celebrate when you come back home!

    I love you amore mio!

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