Happy Birthday Sara!!

On July 22, Sara turned a whopping 11!  Her father and all the family all send the biggest wishes possible, and all hope that they will be able to see her soon and deliver presents and kisses.  On her birthday, the family did attempt to deliver a message to Sara, although we do not know if it got through.

And a super-special happy birthday from Sara’s cousin Zoe, who sends a huge hug and wants Sara to know that she still talks to her all the time in her imagination, often when she goes to bed, even if she cannot talk to her for real, and that she sang “Happy Birthday to You” for Sara on her birthday.

And from Papa, a hope that Sara will know that “as long as one and one is two…”  well, the song says it all.  And here is another version, just in case the link with the lyrics doesn’t work.

One of Sara's favorite candies, the devilish Hot Tamales

The devilish Hot Tamales, even the spiciest are never too hot for Sara!


One response to “Happy Birthday Sara!!

  1. Sara,
    Happy Birthday sweetheart! Since we can’t get in touch with you, I’ll leave you a message here and I hope that you will find it.
    We all love you and miss you so very much. It is sad to not be able to celebrate your birthday with you. I remember planning the menu with you for your birthday lunches and cooking the things that you like. I promise we will celebrate your birthday when you come home!
    Love and kisses,

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