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Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Basketball Jones

Today is Sam’s birthday!
Happy birthday Sam, from all the family! Everyone sends their love, hugs, and kisses, and the family has all put together presents that we think you will like very much. Hopefully you will be able to receive them.

We know that you are working hard to do well in school, that you are a developing talent in basketball and are still a formidable goalie in soccer. And that you will always have an incredible ear for music.

Electric guitar image

We all miss you very much, and look forward to being able to catch up and have fun like we once did. Really miss you, Sam.

Everyone wishes you a great birthday, with too much cake and ice cream, and a lot of laughing, being silly, and just having a great time.

A big hug from Papa, Grandpa & Roro, Molly, Lorenzo, Zoe, Kevin, and Ina.