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Happy Birthday Ezra!!! From Zoe

Zoe at treehouseLetter from Zoe (Ezra’s cousin… age 4)

Dear Ezra,

Happy Birthday!

I went to your house in Florence and played in the treehouse.  It was fun.  I wish you were here to play, too!

For lunch we had hamburgers. And cannoli for dessert.

And then I played with your Hot Wheels garage.  And also air hockey.

We sang happy birthday, Ezra. We have real good presents for you.

I can sing “44 gatti”, the song that Sara taught me. I like to draw pictures.

I miss you.

Hot wheels garage





Happy Birthday Eli!

A typical Eli birthday feast from a few years ago

A typical Eli feast from a few years ago. Since that really is Eli scuba diving, many of his friends asked, “is that also you diving off the cliff?”


On a warm winter evening, just 14 years ago, Elliot snuck into the world in a corner of piazza Indipendenza, in Florence, Italy.

Actually, he didn’t quite sneak in. He arrived with an earth-shaking roar.

Shortly after, Sam and Papa went out to celebrate with a pizza together.

On the occasion of Eli’s big 14th birthday, his family and friends send a big hug and happy birthday wishes to Eli!  Everyone misses him a lot, and hopes that they will be able to see him and/or speak soon. Kevin has a whole bunch of new jokes he’s been holding back just for Eli.


The family also has some cool presents  they would love to give him, and are  looking for ways to deliver them . Grandpa and Roro also wanted to give Eli  some “walking around money” so he can, presumably, walk around until he finds what he would like.

And we are all sure that, no matter where Eli celebrates his birthday this year, he’ll have plenty of good stories to tell.

Farside bears