Happy Birthday Ezra!!! From Zoe

Zoe at treehouseLetter from Zoe (Ezra’s cousin… age 4)

Dear Ezra,

Happy Birthday!

I went to your house in Florence and played in the treehouse.  It was fun.  I wish you were here to play, too!

For lunch we had hamburgers. And cannoli for dessert.

And then I played with your Hot Wheels garage.  And also air hockey.

We sang happy birthday, Ezra. We have real good presents for you.

I can sing “44 gatti”, the song that Sara taught me. I like to draw pictures.

I miss you.

Hot wheels garage





2 responses to “Happy Birthday Ezra!!! From Zoe

  1. Nick, Mellersh

    Happy Birthday Ezra. Remember both your parents love you very much and hundreds of people and families round the world wish you a happy birthday including us the Mellersh family XXXXX

  2. Happy Birthday my little man!

    I miss you very much! I think of you everyday.

    I hope you are ok and I am waiting for you to come back home to Zuela.


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