Happy Birthday Sara!


Dear Sara,

You always organize the best birthday parties! With school out and friends away from the city, you know how to find the perfect way to celebrate your special day: the perfect menu, the decorations, and all the details that makes celebrating Sara’s Birthday the big summer holiday for everyone.

The family misses you very much and hopes to see you and hug you soon, when we can shower you with so many presents that you won’t know what to do with them, and so much candy that you will run out of place to hide it that only you will know how to find.

And Papa remembers how the two of you would sit and in the kitchen together telling stories that often ended up in both of you giggling so hard that neither of you could stop and you would just laugh harder and drive everyone crazy (which just made you laugh more). It is so much fun to have a Sara Birthday to celebrate!

We are all so proud of you – and we love you very much.



2 responses to “Happy Birthday Sara!

  1. The Mellersh family still think of you and pray for a happy outcome for both of the children and both of the parents. All our love Nick & Jeanie

  2. Sara,
    I wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart!! I wish you were home with us so we could have a party for you. Remember when we would work on the menu together so I could cook whatever you wanted and we would make the invite list? That was so much fun!
    I miss you very much. I have the chocolates you like from the Frankfurt Airport here for you waiting for you to come home. I remember you like them so much every time I am in that airport!

    I love you and miss you,

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