Marianne Grin Criminal Conviction in Italy: 3 Years Prison


A quick update: Marianne Grin has been convicted of child abduction and sentenced to three years in prison in Italy.

Grin kidnapped the couple’s four children and took them out of Italy to Russia in September 2011 illegally against an Italian decree which gave sole custody to the children’s father. This site will provide a link to the judge’s decision.

English translation of article from Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper 


The 3rd of September 2011, Russian-America lawyer Marianne Grin should have brought the four children, aged 14,11, 9 and 6 years, to their father, an American lawyer who works in Florence, to whom the Florence courts had awarded sole custody. Instead, assisted by an ultra-orthodox rabbi, she fled to Russia with them. Now Marianne Grin has been condemned by the Florence criminal court to 3 yrs in prison for child abduction, who recognized the suffering of the husband, who was assisted by his lawyer Eriberto Russo, and his desperation for the fate of his children taken thousands of kilometers away by Grin who was found to be in a fragile psychiatric state.
The father has been to Russia more than 50 times and and was not permitted to see the children. He found they had been abandoned to orphanages or were hidden by their mother. Even the Russian courts awarded the father rights to see the children and to take them out of Russia, but he has never been able to see them. The only comfort is that one of the children has returned to live with him.


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