We are a group of people in Florence, Italy who want justice to be done. We investigate and publish the truth. We want the Florentine kids to come home safely to where they belong … at home with their dad, family and friends. We want them back to their lives, back in their schools, back with their friends and back to the place where they were born and raised.

Siamo un gruppo di persone a Firenze che vogliono giustizia in questo caso. La nostra intenzione è far conoscere e pubblicare la verità. Vorremmo che questi ragazzi Fiorentini tornino presto a casa sicuri, al luogo a cui appartengono, dove sono nati e cresciuti….a casa con il loro padre, la famiglia. Li vorremmo di nuovo nelle nostre vite, nelle loro scuole, riuniti con i loro amici.


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  1. This is a very tragic but courageous story. It is always sad when children suffer because of the mental illness of one of the parents. Even though we may wish to help the person suffering from the mental illness, the safety, welfare and happiness of the children must always be given first priority. Hopefully the Russian authorities will recognize this and ensure that the children are returned to their father after their abduction. Because only the father can provide a safe haven for the children under these circumstances. The Italian and American courts have recognized this reality. Hopefully the Russian courts will also.

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