The Frauds

One of the questions frequently asked about the abduction is how Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь) has been able to gain the help of others and how she continues to finance her activities. The answer is simple: through various types of fraud, which are described in some of the links below.

Fraud in convincing others she is poor: Grin has cynically taken advantage of several people who responded to her pleas of “desperation”, saying she has no money to feed herself or the children. She does this by hiding her wealth, which includes hefty bank accounts in Italy, France, and the USA, and real estate holdings in Russia and Italy. She also engages in various scams to obtain services without paying, and has enlisted the aid of publicly-funded legal aid organizations in the USA while simultaneously protesting against the USA from Russia.

Fraud in fabricating accusations of violence.  While it has been easy for authorities to see through her fabrications, both in Italy and in Russia, Grin has been able to fool people she has only recently met, or people she has contacted over the internet, convincing them she needs their help, and hoping they will not attempt to verify her “incredible” story. Grin’s attempts to fabricate violence claims are so bizarre that in Italy, the police stationed at the children’s hospital suspected she suffered from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, and warned the prosecutor that she was a danger to the children.


2 responses to “The Frauds

  1. Mary Damianakis

    It is very disheartening to see how the best interests of the children are not being addressed. Clearly, this behavior demonstrates that Russia needs to step up and do right by the four children.

  2. Marianne Grin is just another fraud, waiting to be fully exposed, which can be easily done by anyone who is interested in reading about her.

    She’s not even Russian. She’s a tourist for corruption and state cynicism.

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