The Abduction (История)

On August 29, 2011, four children (Samuel now 14, Elliot now 12, Sara 9, and Ezra now 6) were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Marianne Grin, from their home in Italy and taken, in violation of a court order, to St. Petersburg, Russia. Italian press reported that the Chabad center in Venice organized the abduction with Ms. Grin. Prior to the abduction the three youngest lived with their father, Michael McIlwrath.

The  Three boys  have now been put into  the Yeshiva, a Russian Chabad Institution/ Orphanage, and Sara, is alone in another Russian Chabad Institution/Orphanage, they were placed there by their mother, Marianne. (photo of the Yeshiva)


* February 2009, following increasingly erratic behavior of Ms. Grin, the Juvenile Court in Florence, Italy, placed the children in the legal custody of Florence social services, while they continued to live with both parents. The husband, filed for divorce later that year and requested custody of the children. Under court order, a psychological expertise on the entire family was begun by a court-appointed expert.  The recommendation of the court-appointed psychologist was to award sole custody of the children to the father, Michael. The expert’s exhaustive investigation, which would last over a year, included interviews with both parents, multiple sessions with the children (interacting with both parents present, and interacting with the psychologist), teachers, social workers following the children, pediatric psychiatrists, and included documentation about the parents’ capacity to act as responsible parents

* November 2010, The Court appointed psychologist’s report to the judge said: “From what emerges from the monitoring, we retain necessary to suggest to the Court some modification in respect to the actual organization of the life of the minors. Currently, the center of the daily life of the children is situated at the maternal residence and the mother is the figure that is prevalently requested to care for the minors. Faced with this task however, Ms. Grin has until today demonstrated to be inadequate. She has not collaborated with the other figures that take care, in various forms, of the children (Social Services, Therapists, educators from the Jewish Community) resulting frequently unavailable, contrasting and at times hindering their work. Also with respect to school frequency, the mother has demonstrated a bizarre and unpredictable behavior: she goes to pick up the children before the end of the lessons; she does not bring them to school, at times without valid reasons.”

* December 7, 2010, the Court of Florence issued an order giving exclusive custody of all four children to the father. The Mother was given 6 days a month unsupervised visitation.

* June 2011, Dr. Ceccarelli, in his court report to Judge Papait says “The mother’s behavior and her relationship with the children … As we have already observed in the occasion of the previous monitoring, Ms. Grin […] appears a person suffering psychologically. Her behaviors are unpredictable and bizarre, guided by paranoid fantasy, of being a subject of a ‘plot’ and of ‘persecution’ in part by the Tribunal and by the ‘institutions’ in general (she manifests a strong distrust even of Social Services and Pediatric Neuropsychiatry). Considering the behavioral picture that emerges from all people that have had contact with the mother, we believe that there should be a new deep psychiatric evaluation of Ms. Grin, there being strong suspicions of a very gravely disturbed personality. In a similar context of mental illness, the relationship of the mother with the children is of strong psycho-pathological risk.”


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