Sara’s Stories

This page is dedicated to sharing some of the stories that Sara and her dad used to make up together, mainly as a ruse by Sara to delay going to bed.

Some of the stories are all about a little girl who makes friends with a dragon. She is surprised to learn about some of the things that dragons can do. The dragon is even more surprised to learn of the things that little girls can do, such as playing chess.

Other stories are about the friendship between the Pink Princess and the Fuchsia Princess (by coincidence, Sara’s two favorite colors). They like the things that are the same about themselves, but also learn that it is important to appreciate differences.

Of course, sometimes Sara and her dad just ended up playing chess together, or reading a book, instead of telling stories.  But during the cold winter months, there was nothing more fun than a good new story to be invented, and then retold the following nights so it would get better and better.

Sara and her dad liked their stories so much that they started keeping track in a little book.  Sara wanted eventually to publish her stories in a picture book.

Here are some of those stories.

Sara and the Dragon:  A Game of Chess

The Pink Princess


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