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At the beginning of September 2011, Marianne Grin ( Марианны Гринь) illegally abducted her four children from their custodial father in Italy. She took them first to Venice, where she was a guest of the local Chabad-Lubavitch community, and then traveled through Croatia to Russia. There she placed the children into institutions for orphans and children of alcoholic parents operated by the Chabad-Lubavitch organization, which illegally kept them in total isolation from their father, family, and all of their friends.

As discussed elsewhere in this site, the abduction took place after the father had been awarded sole custody of the children. A court-appointed psychologist had concluded that Grin suffers from “a severe personality disorder” with “paranoid fantasies” of “plots and persecutions against her”.  The court-appointed expert expressed serious concerns that Grin fills the children with anger and paranoia, especially towards all of their relatives and others who were recently their close friends. In fact, after abducting the children, she has prevented all family from having any contact with them (since September 2011).

Television coverage:  The highly regarded Italian news program, Le Iene, visited Russia in May 2012 and document the children’s being placed in orphanages and their mother’s consistent lying about their living conditions. Versions are in Italian, English, and Russian: Assistenti Sociali in Russia (Italian). A version with English subtitles is available here (English).  Марианны Гринь – интервью итальянским журналистам (русские субтитры).

KP bannerIn Russian media, Komsomolskaya Pravda, an online Russian daily newspaper, has published a video with interviews of Marianne Grin (Марианны Гринь) and attempted to verify her claims. It is also available with English subtitles. The report also discusses the Russian lower court’s decision to ignore the country’s treaty with Italy, refusing to enforce the Italian judgment that awarded domicile of the children to the father.

Abduction documented in Russian press:  Comprehensive coverage of the Grin abduction, and her placing the children in orphanages, was covered by the St. Petersburg newspaper, Fontanka, in the following articles:  Russia Will Not Return the Children of Americans, March 22, 2012, and follow up articles listed below.

A partial list of media coverage in Russian, Italian, and English is listed below:


Продолжение приключений американца в России

Россия не отдаст американских сыновей

Американских детей поделят суды

В деле про американских сыновей учли международное право

Коллизия юрисдикций: Петербургский суд признал приоритет итальянского коллеги.

Международное частное право в действии

У российской демократии есть пульс, теперь ей нужно сердце Взгляд с другой стороны

In English:

Politics Seen in International Custody Disputes 21 February, 1013

To Russia with love:  two Florentine children find their lost friends, Corriere Fiorentino (Corriere della Sera), 31 May 2012

Corriere Fiorentino April 6, 2012 English

Corriere Fiorentino April 4, 2012 English

Did Chabad Help Kidnap 4 Children (Failed Messiah)

April 4 2012 Press Release – Four American Children Kidnapped

Russian Democracy Has a Pulse; Now It Needs a Heart

Children in a Legal Vacuum: International Child Abduction (Huffington Post on the damage to children and the relevance of the Grin kidnapping)

The Fight to Find Florentine Kids, Divorce Leads to Child Abduction, The Florentine, 27 October 2011

International Child Abduction: A Growing Legal Maze and the Case of Marianne Grin, Tashalaw, 31 January 2012 

Four Children Kidnapped in Florence, 1 November 2011 

Stampa – in Italiano:

Figli Rapiti Dalla Madre, La Russia Non Collabora La Nazione 26 Gennaio 2013

Bimbi rapiti all’estero dalla madre, Chiesto l’interrogatorio in Russia La Nazione Dicembre 13 2012

La mamma fuggita in Russia aiutata da Ebrei ultra-ortodossi, Corriere 1 giugno 2012

Gli amici italiani incontrano i bambini rapiti dalla madre: in viaggio con Emma e Edoardo a San Pietroburgo sulle tracce (trovate) dei piccoli portati via dalla madre, Corriere Fiorentino (Corriere della Sera) 31 May 2012

Corriere Fiorentino Aprile 6 2012

Io, in guerra per i miei figli, rapiti e lasciati in un istituto, Corriere, 4 aprile 2012

Io, in guerra… copia della versione in edicola, Corriere Fiorentino article April 4 2012 copy

La moglie fugge in Russia con i figli, La Repubblica, 14 ottobre 2011

Rapisce i 4 figli e scappa in Russia, La Repubblica, 14 ottobre 2011

Scappa con i figli in Russia: i figli erano affidati al padre, La Nazione, 14 ottobre, 2011

La mamma fuggita da Firenze aiutata dai “Lubavitch”


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