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August-December 2012

Courts in Russia rule that after Grin abducted the children to Russia, she and Russian tabloid media engaged in defamation.  Grin is ordered to pay damages and publicly apologize for having made false statements of violence against the father of the abducted children. The newspaper Baltinfo is ordered to pay damages for having recklessly printed Grin’s false statements without any attempt to verify.

Grin defamation judgment (OCR version in Russian – shorter download)

Grin defamation judgment (original in Russia)

Baltinfo appeal decision (original in Russian)

June 2011

After the period of monitoring showed notable improvement in the children in the care of the father: in academic performance, behavior, and social relations, the Florence court confirmed its prior award of sole custody of all four children to the father and denied Ms. Grin’s request to have sole custody of the eldest. Given the notable differences in responsibility demonstrated by the father (compared with Ms. Grin’s notable lapses), the judge required the eldest to move into his father’s house as well.

The judge also ordered both parents to support a course of psychological counseling and therapy for the children.

Ordinanza Papait del 27 giugno 2011 – Italian Original

Judge Papait Decision 27 June 2011 In English Apostilled – Official translation

February 2011

Meyer Children’s Hospital Child Protection Office requested the hospital police to issue a letter of concern to the Florence Prosecutors office and Juvenile Court regarding Marianne Grin bringing the children to the emergency room repeatedly without any illnesses or symptoms. They requested an investigation and to place the children in an environment more serene for their psychological well-being.

Questura Meyer – Italian Original

Police of Florence Meyer – English – Unofficial translation

December 2010

The Florence judge hearing the divorce case, after a year-long psychological evaluation of the entire family (including reports from, and interviews with, teachers, social workers, doctors, and numerous other third parties) issued a decree awarding sole custody of the couple’s four children to the father.

The mother, Marianne Grin, was identified as being inadequate as a parent and incapable of maintaining joint custody. In her initial decision, the judge ordered the three youngest children to live with the father, and the eldest was allowed to choose where he wanted to sleep at night. All children had visitation with their mother, who retained the right to live in the apartment owned by the father, and received alimony paid directly to her by his employer. In Italy, it is unusual for a court to award sole custody to a father, and a period of monitoring of six months was provided, to be conducted by the court-appointed psychologist and social services.

Ordinanza Papait del 7 dicembre 2010 con Apostille


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