Elliot’s Book

This page is dedicated to the book Elliot Mcilwrath was writing before he and his brothers and sister were abducted. This is in response to the tremendous feedback received, asking for more.

As noted in earlier posts, Elliot’s father is completing Eli’s book with assistance from Eli’s close friend, Edo, who also traveled to Russia to try and meet with with his classmate.

As family and friends have no way to communicate with Elliot, we are hopeful that Eli will see these posts and find a way to provide his input, corrections, or suggestions, and will enjoy improving the book he spent so much time thinking about.

Background on Elliot and his book:

       11-Year Old Writing Book Before Abduction

       How to Help:  Send Message to Abducted Writer

       Elliot: You’re Still Part of the Fantastic Class 2E!!!

Published chapters of The Half Elf, by Elliot Mcilwrath

Elliot and his little brother, Z, in their treehouse in Florence

Chapter 1:  Preludes

Chapter 2:  An Unplanned Trip

Chapter 3:  Astengurt

Chapter 4:  Where Is Andrew Taking Me?

Chapter 5:  The Sage
      [coming soon!]


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